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Coastal AF 38 Anti-Fouling Paint

Coastal AF 38 Anti-Fouling Paint

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Product description

Coastal AF 38 Anti-Fouling Paint is a one component antifouling coating based on ion exchange technology. It provides cost efficient fouling protection. This is achieved by self polishing characteristics reducing hull deterioration. To be used as finish coat in immersed environments only. Suitable on approved primers and tie coats on aluminium, carbon steel and wooden substrates.

Typical use of coastal AF 38 Anti-Fouling Paint

Marine :

Recommended for under water hull in drydocking. The product can be used for long service periods up to 24 months as a part of a complete coating system.


Typical trade of coastal AF 38 Anti-Fouling Paint



Dark red

Product data

Property                                     Test/Standard                                                   Description

Solids by volume                      ISO 3233                                                                52 ± 2 %

Flash point                                 ISO 3679 Method 1                                                 25oC

Density                                       calculated                                                                 1,6 kg/l

VOC-US/Hong Kong              US EPA method 24 (tested)                                   460 g/l

(CARB(SCM)2007),SCAQMD rule 1113, Hong Kong)

VOC-EU                                     IED (2010/75/EU)  (theoretical)   474 g/l


The provided data is typical for factory produced products, subject to slight variation depending on colour.

Film thickness per coat

Typical recommended specification range

Dry film thickness                                   100 µm                        150 µm                 100 µm

Wet film thickness                                  195 µm                         290 µm                 195 µm

Theoretical spreading rate                    5,2m2/l                        3,4m2/l                  5,2m2/l

Surface preparation

To secure lasting adhesion to the subsequent product all surfaces shall be clean, dry and free from any contamination.

Surface preparation summary

Substrate : Coated surfaces


  • New tie coat or new antifouling : Remove any contamination that could interfere with the intercoat adhesion.Exceeding maximum recoat intervals will require cleaning/abrading and/or application of additional coats, depending on condition
  • Aged antifouling with leached layer : Removed by thorough fresh water washing at minimum nozzle pressure 200 bar.


  • New tie coat or new antifouling : Remove any contamination that could interfere with the intercoat adhesion.Exceeding maximum recoat intervals will require cleaning/abrading and/or application of additional coats, depending on condition.
  • Aged antifouling with leached layer : Removed by thorough fresh water washing at minimum nozzle pressure 340 bar.              


Application methods

The product can be applied by

Spray : Use airless spray.

Brush : Recommended for stripe coating and small areas. Care must be taken to achieved the specified dry film thickness

Roller : Recommended. Care must be taken to achieve the specified dry film thickness.

Product mixing

Single pack

Dry and curing time                  

Substrate temperature                5 oC        10 oC      23 oC      40 oC  

Surface (touch) dry                      1h            1h        30min      3min

Dried to over coat, minimum      12h          9h          7h            6h

Dried/cured for immersion          12h         12h        10h           8h

For maximum overcoating intervals, refer to the Application Guide(AG) for this product.

Drying and curing times are determined under controlled temperatures and relative humidity below 85%, and at average of the DFT range of the product.

Surface (touch) dry : The state of drying when slight pressure with a finger does not leave an imprint or reveal tackiness.

Dry to over coat, minimum : The recommended shortest time allowed before the next coat can be applied.

Dried/cured for immersion : Minimum time before the coating can be permanently immersed in sea water.

Heat resistance

Temperature                     Continuous              Peak

Dry, atmospheric                    60oC                    90oC

Immersed, sea water              40OC                   40OC

Peak temperature duration max.1 hour.

The themperatures listed relate to retention of protective properties. Aesthetic properties may suffer at these temperatures.

Note that the coating will be resistant to various immersion temperatures depending on the specific chemical and whether immersion is constant or intermittent. Heat resistance is influenced by the total coating system. If used as part of a system, ensure all coatings in the system have similar heat resistance.

Product compatibility

Depending on the actual exposure of the coating system, various primers and topcoats can be used in combination with this product. Some examples are shown below. Contact Jotun for specific system recommendation.

Previous coat : epoxy shop primer, inorganic zinc silicate shop primer, epoxy, epoxy mastic, inorganic zinc silicate

Subsequent coat : polyurethane, epoxy.

Packaging (typical)              

                                                   Volume (litres)      Size of containers (litres)

Coastal AF 38                                   5/20                                5/20

The volume stated is for factory made colours. Note that local variants in pack size and filled volumes can vary due to local regulations.


The product must be stored in accordance with national regulations. Keep the container in a dry, cool, well ventilated space and away from sources of heat ignition. Containers must be kept tightly closed. Handle with care.

Shelf life at 23oC

Coastal AF 38  : 12 month(s)

In some markets commercial shelf life can be dictated shorter by local legislation. The above is minimum shelf life, thereafter the paint quality is subject to re-inspection.


This product is for professional use only. The applicators and operators shall be trained, experienced and have the capability and equipment to mix/stir and apply the coatings correctly and according to Jotun’s technical documentation. Applicators and operators shall use appropriate personal protection equipment when using this product. This guideline is given based on the current knowledge of the product. Any suggested deviation to suit the site conditions shall be forwarded to the responsible Jotun representative for approval before commencing the work.

Health and safety

Please obserse the precautionary notices displayed on the container. Use under well ventilated conditions. Do not inhale spray mist.Avoid skin contact.Spillage on the skin should immediately be removed with suitable cleaser, soap and water. Eyes should be well flushed with water and medical attention sought immediately.

Colour variation

When applicable, products primarily meant for use as primers or antifoulings may have slight colour variations from batch to batch. Such products may fade and chalk when exposed to sunlight and weathering.


The information in this document is given to the best of Jotun’s knowledge, based on laboratory testing and practical experience. Jotun’s products are considered as semi-finished goods and as such, products are often used under conditions beyond Jotun’s control.Jotun cannot guarantee anything but the quality of the product itself. Minor product variations may be implemented in order to comply with local requirements.Jotun reserves the right to change the given data without further notice.

Users should always consult Jotun for specific guidance on the general suitability of this product for their needs and specific applicaton practices

If there is any inconsistency between different language issues of thi document, the English (United Kingdom) version will prevail.


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