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Epoxy KLC Primer Paint for Zinc-Surface

Epoxy KLC Primer Paint for Zinc-Surface

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Product description

Epoxy KLC Primer Paint for Zinc-Surface is a type of two-part epoxy paint, formulated based upon Epoxy resin,combined with Polyamide hardener, solvent and high level of zinc content. Epoxy KLC HK has good adhesion ability, specially made for the particular surface area of sea-boat, zinc-plated steel, cisterns, alloy industrial machinery..

Purpose of using Epoxy KLC Primer Paint for Zinc-Surface :

– For the purpose of creating a priming coat of paint before applying an epoxy topcoat . Excellent adhesion ability to the surface area of sea-boat, inox, zinc-plated steel, alloy machinery…
– Basically used for protecting the surface of sea-boat, chemical cisterns, steel, alloy equipments, inox…

Characteristics of Epoxy KLC Primer Paint for Zinc-Surface

Mechanical durability :

  • Strong bonding with to all kinds of metal surface,flexible and tough coating, good ability to withstand corrosion, influence of weather conditions and mechanical actions. Quick-drying, slight burn mark when cutting by air-acetylene welding and autogenous welding.
  • Good adhesion to zinc, aluminium, inox and alloy metals surface.

 Chemical resistant : Withstand water, dilute acid, solution of weak alkaline, water-salt solution, seawater, grease stains, fuel and many other chemicals…

Subsequent Coat: Epoxy KLC PU, KLC BT (depend on the surface area).

Sovent: Thinner KLC 02 (add up to 5% ~ 10% , measured by weight).

Storage Period: Use within 24 months from the date of manufacture (in proper storage condition) .

Storage Condition: Proper storage in dry and ventilating condition , keep away from ignition sources.

Application: Use brushes, rollers and high-pressured paint sprayers.

Recommendations  :

  1. EPOXY Alloy Primer KLC HK should be applied with EPOXY Topcoat KLC PU to get the best adhesion.
    2. Follow the instruction for mixing and stiring exactly the ratio of the main substance and hardener.
    3. Clean the surface by removing free of oils,grease,dust,rust,chemicals and repair uneven area ,rough up the surface  before applying paint.
    4. Avoid applying painting process in raining day or in the environment conditions of to ≤ 10oC and the humidity over 80%,make sure the surface is dry completely.
    5. Keep all application tools clean before and after using.
    6. Supply sufficient air while applying painting procedure in the cistern or  airtight area.


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