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Self-levelling Epoxy KLC SP Paint

Self-levelling Epoxy KLC SP Paint

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Self-levelling Epoxy KLC SP Paint is a self-leveling solvent-free epoxy with composition of pure expoy and chemical additives. Offer an excellent self-leveling ability ,provide a glossy surface without streak, withstand chemical and corrosion.

Self-levelling Epoxy KLC SP Paint

Product Code: KLC SP

Purpose of Usage: Recommend for using in wide variety of medical sectors (sterile room and operating room in hospital, labs, ..) , medicine manufacturing factories,food processing plants, chemical plants, veterinary medicines plants, agricultural materials plants,electrical assembly factories, parking lots, automotive assembly plants, hangar,…

Characteristics :

Mechanical durability: Provide a self-leveling ability with high-glossy level. Withstand chemical and mechanical corrosion and resist antimicrobial actions.  Offer a wide range of bearing ability. Easy to clean and maintain.
Chemical  Resistant: Withstand water, dilute acid, solution of weak alkaline, water-salt solution, seawater, grease stain, fuel and other chemicals.


Previous Coat: Epoxy  Primer KLC BT
Storate Period: Use within 24 months from the date of manufacture ( in proper storage condition)
Storage Condition: Proper storage in dry and ventilating condition, keep away from ignition sources
Application: Use brushes, rollers and high-pressured paint sprayers.


1. Self-leveling EPOXY TOPCOAT KLC  SP  should be applied with  EPOXY Primer KLC BT  to get the best adhesion.
2. Follow the instruction for mixing and stiring exactly the ratio of the main substance and hardener.   
3. Clean the surface by removing free of oils,grease,dust,rust,chemicals and repair uneven area ,rough up the surface  before applying paint.
4. Avoid applying painting process in raining day or in the environment conditions of to ≤ 10oC and the humidity over 80%,make sure the surface is dry completely. 
5. Keep all application tools clean before and after using.
6. Supply sufficient air while applying painting procedure in the cistern or  airtight area.

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