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Water-Based KLC W Heat-resistant Paint

Water-Based KLC W Heat-resistant Paint

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Water-Based KLC W Heat-resistant Paint is a type of water-based Epoxy without using solvent. Product is eco-friendly and can acts like a heat shield for metal roofing. Provide a number of characteristics such as: water resistant,good ability to spreads out to fill cracks or chips, protect  the surface from moss, fugus,… producing  to adapt  in  tropical climate, is an optimal solution for heat resistant and protecting outdoor surface.

Water-Based KLC W Heat-resistant Paint

Product Code: KLC W

Purpose of Usage: Basically used for factories that their roof have no heat-insulation cover, their wall endured from sun exposure and absorbed heat that causes hot condition for space inside.With superior performance ,heat-resistance KLC W is sprayed directy to metal roofings, walls without using a primer coat as traditional way. Reduce directly the temperature to the metal roofing (10oC~ 20 oC-depened on testing time)

Water-Based KLC W Heat-resistant Paint

Storage Period: Use within 24 months from the date of manufature (in proper storage condition)
Storage Condition: Proper storage in dry and ventilating condition , keep away from ignition sources.
Application: Use brushes, rollers and high-pressured paint sprayers

Recommendations :
1. For Surface: Completely dry, clean without dust, grease stain and others.The current surface of metal roofing or wall should be clearly clean by removing moss stain,old paint coating..Use a brush or industrial blower machines and water  for the process of surface preparation
2. For Applicaton: Make sure the surface is handled following the direction above. Apply two finished coats, drying time for the second coat is at least two hours.
3. For Mixing : Mix with water (not over 10%,measured by weight), stir steadily the mixture before applying painting.

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