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Anti-corrosion KLC CRA Oil Paint

Anti-corrosion KLC CRA Oil Paint

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Anti-Rust Oil Paint KLC is a type of one component paint, comprised of alkyd resin, pigments, fillers, organic solvent and additives

Anti-corrosion KLC CRA Oil Paint

Product Code: KLC CRA
Purpose of Usage: Used for wooden and metal surface that placed outdoor and indoor area . Superior performance : excellent adhesion to the surface, quick-drying, easy to apply, reasonable price


Mechanical durability: Strong bonding with commonly used  metal surface ,flexible and tough coating,  durable with good adhesion. Provide good ability to withstand corrosion and withstand the actions of the extreme weather.

Anti-corrosion KLC CRA Oil Paint

Subsequent Coat: Oil paint Alkyd KLC SDA
Solvent: Petrol – Gasoline (add up to  10% ~ 15% measured by weight)
Storage Period: Use within 24 months from the date of manufature (in proper storage condition)
Storage Condition: Proper storage in dry and ventilating condition , keep away from ignition sources.
Application: Use brushes, rollers and high-pressured paint sprayers

1.Anti-rust KLC should be applied with oil paint KLC to get the best adhesion.
2.Mix the main substance with solvent or gasoline (10%-15% measured by weight and stir steadily)
3.Clean clearly the surface by removing dust, grease stain, rust and other chemicals which can reduce the adhesion ability. The current coat must be rough enough, completely dry and ready for the further coat to be applied
4.Avoid applying painting process in raining day or in the environment conditions of to ≤ 10oC and the humidity over 80%,make sure the surface is dry completely.
5.Keep all application tools clean before and after using.
6.Supply sufficient air while applying painting procedure in the cistern or  airtight area. 

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